Naved is a spiritual healer, a channel, a medium, a clairvoyant. He goes by many names. If you have had the chance to encounter him, chances are your life is going to be transformed.

As a child, Naved was always very sensitive to the pain and suffering of fellow humans. He was frequently sick, and had to be hospitalized many times. Watching his parents suffer on his account made him unhappy and therein were born the seeds of doing service. Service for others, for the nation, for planet Earth.

After a successful career in marketing and sales with the Jaypee Group, Naved discovered his calling for helping the sick and ailing. He started actively engaging in social work, working with the elderly, the sick, children with special needs and people suffering from anxiety and depression.

His methodology involves working with energies and is deeply rooted in the theory of karma. He uses numerology to determine the personal traits of a person, what drives them and what holds them back. Through counselling and by sharing various techniques which involve ancient spiritual practices, he arrives at the best course of treatment. Even if the medical condition is very severe, or a problem too grave to be resolved, through counselling sessions with him one can find the root cause and come to terms with the situation.

It is important to understand here. We all have taken the human form to work out our karmic account. We must go through the suffering. But spiritual helpers and healers are always there to protect and lessen the impact, if we open our hearts to them.
Naved’s mission is to heal your soul, to help you define your purpose. Under his guidance, you get the wisdom, positivity and enlightenment so that you can help yourself and your family, and eventually, all others. He empowers you to become a leader and overcome the obstacles in your life. And then help other people in need. This requires faith, belief and a tenacity of spirit. It’s a long journey, but you need to take the first step.

There are five main elements to his approach

  • Healing
  • Counselling
  • Metaphysics (that which goes beyond the laws of Physics)
  • Energy
  • Miracles


AMAN YATRA – Was a motorbike journey for peace, brotherhood, humanity. Between 1999 to 2000, Naved spent 100 days on his Royal Enfield, cruising down the length and breadth of India to share his ideas and beliefs. On the eve of Y2K, when people were lost in revelry, giddy with the excitement of a new millennium dawning, Naved was relentlessly spreading his message of peace around the country. He met 1 lakh people during his journey and was awarded the Noida Ratna for his efforts.

PERFORMED A MIRACLE IN LADAKH – The place is a mecca for riders and bike enthusiasts regularly make the journey to Ladakh simply for the thrill of it. In year 2010, Naved set off on his bike on a holy journey to Ladakh. The beautiful barren landscape had been under the siege of a drought for the past 20 years. There had been no rains. Naved had a mission – to attract water to the parched land. By chanting the maha martunjaya mantra, he was able to attract water. The mantra is linked to the moon, and moon energy, as you may or may not know, attracts water. His task accomplished he left Ladakh.

Soon enough, the heavens burst open and Ladakh was drenched with rains. By the time Naved entered Manali, there were floods all over the Northern Plains. He rode 600 kms in the rain through Punjab, where the rivers were overflowing with rain water. His prayers had been answered.

CYCLE JOURNEY TO SHIRDI – The purpose of this epic journey was to educate people on what is real wealth. Health is real wealth.

Naved covered a distance of 1462 kilometres on his bicycle, distributing prasad and educating people on the body, mind and soul connection. He covered this distance through the states of Haryana, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh and spoke to approximately 20,000 people, telling them how they can be happier and teaching them the importance of nourishing the soul. Many people joined him along the way to support his cause.


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