Brown is an earthy color. It grounds, stabilizes and neutralizes. It is an effective color in healing.Brown is especially effective in stabilizing overexcited states. It calms and grounds emotions and extreme mental conditions. Brown can help awaken common sense and discrimination. It brings us back down to earth.

Brown is effective for any kind of spaciness. When it shows up in the human aura, brown may indicate a need for grounding. When the aura takes the shade of brown, it will often reflect infection in the body or that area of the body in which it overlays in the aura.

Brown can be used to stabilize all systems. It is useful in cases of hyperactivity with children, especially with combinations of colors in the rust to deep brown range.

Elemental earth. The planet-spirit Saturn. Stability, grounding, conservation, protection of household, family and pets, healing animals, finding lost objects, material constructions (buildings etc.), material increase, to make relationships solid, to increase decisiveness and concentration, attracting help in financial crisis.

Preference for brown: An earthly color for practical people with a preference for natural, tribal and primitive things, solidity and simplicity. Brown can be warm and cosy but also depressing. Family-life persons, stable people, loyal friends.

Aversion to brown: A person who has an aversion to brown may feel an aversion against normal, boring, trivial life; may not feel connected with his roots (home-land, family, etc); may experience instability in health and attitude.

Too much exposure to brown may make one's personality coarser.

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