Healing properties: Green is the color of Nature and the earth. It is balance and harmony in essence and possesses a soothing influence upon both mind and body. It is neither relaxing nor astringent in its impact. Green can be used for just about any condition in need of healing. Green rings psychological and emotional harmony and balance.

Green links with and stimulates the heart chakra.Green affects blood pressure and all conditions of the heart. It has both an energizing effect and a moderating or soothing effect. It cures hormonal imbalances. Stimulates growth hormone and rejuvenation. Cleans and purifies from germs, bacteria and rotting material. Harmonizes the digestion, stomach, liver, gall. Has a healing effect on kidneys. Increases immunity. Builds up muscles, bones and tissues. Stimulates inner peace. Strengthens the nervous system.

The colour green represents balance, harmony and hope. People who favour the yellower tones of green are usually adventurous in nature, while those who prefer the bluer tones of green tend to be optimists. If green is your colour, remember to add a little red or orange to your surroundings to liven things up a little.

Esoteric/magickal: Elemental earth (dark green) and elemental water (blue-green). Nature, fertility, growth, rejuvenation, recovering, healing, harvest and abundance, prosperity, harmony, balance, peace, hope, mother earth, home, herbal magick, plants and animals, counteract greed and jealousy.

Preference for green: Green brings peace, rest, hope, comfort and nurturing, calmness and harmony. Interest in nature, plants, fellowmen, children and animals, health and healing, natural and plain life. Longing for a safe home and family-life. A dislike of conflicts.
Green helps to calm frazzled nerves and is good for people with heart conditions. It stimulates growth and therefore helps to heal broken bones and facilitates the regrowth of tissue. It is recommended for pregnant women to create a serene atmosphere.

Aversion to green: A person who has an aversion to green may be more interested in independence and self-development than in a warm family-life. May prefer to keep a certain distance in (sexual) relationships.

However, too much green can bring on a sense of lethargy as the person settles into a state of tranquility almost approaching stagnation. A person tends to become complacent as he does not feel a sense of challenge or a need to strive towards any goal.

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