The color lemon is obtained by combining green and yellow. So, it has properties of both. It has important effects on the digestive system and the left hemisphere brain activity. The key application of the color lemon in color therapy is in mental stimulation.

Lemon is vitalizing and stimulating to the brain. Thus, it is effective in treating and alleviating conditions associated with it, such as Alzheimer's, senility, etc. It can be used to help stimulate the brain's natural abilities. It always has a shade of green within the spectrum, and in lemon, the green works as a cleanser. Lemons assists us in bringing toxins to the surface so they can be cleaned out. The toxins can be physical toxins as well as emotional toxins. Lemon is also effective in treating digestive problems and appendicitis. It facilitates the natural digestive process, helping the body assimilate nutrients more effectively. Lemon is good for tissues and bones.

Characteristics of Lemon Color
Lemon is a cerebral stimulant.
Lemon stimulates the brain. It is also a sexual stimulant.
Lemon activates the thymus gland and thus controls growth.
Lemon being half green has the effect of a cleanser of the system, and being half yellow also has the effect of a motor stimulant to throw off morbid debris. Yellow and green are both cleansers and lemon has the quality of both.

Diseases Treated with Lemon
Lemon strengthens the bone. Bone growth.
Chronic conditions: Lemon has an antacid effect on the body, excellent for chronic conditions. It gives energy to the cells in the stage of resistance and exhaustion and helps overcome stress.
Cleanser of the system
Coughing: use lemon as irradiative agent over the affected area, Cretinism and dwarfism-in view of its effects in stimulating the thymus gland, Motor stimulant

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