Healing properties: Strengthens contact with your life purpose. Stimulates adrenalineand heart activity.

Magenta is the color of the highest order, connected with spirituality, meditation, and letting go. It is an agent for change, for the clearing out of old attitudes and obsessions, and for making a break with the post. Its complement is green.

Characteristics of Magenta
Magenta energizes the adrenal glands, the heart action and the reproduction system.
Magenta acts as a diuretic.
Magenta is good for the treatment of the auric bodies.
Magenta is a fine emotional stabilizer.

Esoteric/magickal: Scorpio-energy. Magnetism, to attract or speed up things, extra power, when immediate action and great spiritual power are needed, life purpose, life path.

Preference for magenta: Much energy and activity focused on achieving power and self-realization. Strong but controlled passions and emotions. Daring, ready to fight, willing to give everything for a goal. Can drive things too far and have fixed ideas.

Aversion to magenta: A person who has an aversion to magenta may feel overwhelmed by people with strong convictions or heavy emotions like jealousy; also may have difficulties with exposing deep emotions.

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