Healing properties: Heals grief and sadness. Restores youthfulness. Brings you in contact with your feelings.
Purple is a combination of red and blue. The key property of purple that is used in color therapy is the intense purification accorded by purple. Its main application is in detoxifying the body. Scarlet and purple have opposite effects in color therapy. For example, scarlet is a vasoconstrictor and raises the blood pressure while purple is a vasodilator and lowers the blood pressure.

Characteristics of Scarlet
Scarlet stimulates kidney activity and the sexual mechanism. Scarlet helps in cases of impotency and frigidity when used in the genital area.Scarlet is useful in cases of scant menstruation.

Characteristics of Purple

Purple is used in excessive menstruation (opposite in effect to scarlet) If the bleeding is excessive, use indigo instead because it will reduce the bleeding more effectively. Purple has an analgesic, anti-pyretic, narcotic and hypnotic effect. Purple is indicated in malaria. Purple is the color of anger, divinity and royalty. Purple is a venous stimulant. Purple gives authority, prestige, and distance; reduces heart pain, stiffness and cysts.

Diseases treated with Purple
Purple is considered by many to be a high vibrational color. It is this high vibration which gives it its ability for purification. It is effective to use when strong detoxifying of the body is needed, as in the case of cancerous or pre-cancerous conditions. Purple is purifying to the body. It can be used to stimulate venous activity in the body. It can also be used for headaches.

The red-purple range is beneficial to balancing the polarities of the body. The blue- purple range is effective in helping to shrink (such as tumors) and to cool, easing inflammations.

Esoteric/magickal: Softness and tenderness, romance, caring, nurturing, for children, youth, peace, friendship, femininity, emotional love, emotional healing.

Preference for purple: Regarded as a feminine color. Pink symbolizes softness, sweetness, innocence, youthfulness and tenderness. Soft and kind people.

Aversion to purple: A person who has an aversion to pink may have a challenge with expressingsoft, tender, female side.

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