Characteristics of Ultraviolet
Ultra-violet has a chemical and bacteriocidal action on the blood and tissues of the body. It breaks down the bacterial toxins and helps the white blood cells in their phagocytic action.
Ultra-violet's chemical reaction depends upon its vitamin reaction in the system. Vitamins A, B, C, D and E are affected by the ultra-violet light.
Ultra-violet plays a great part in the calcium phosphorus balance and in iron and iodine fixation.
Ultra-violet accelerates the lymphatic and circulatory activities.
Ultra-violet normalizes all metabolism and glandular activities.
Ultra-violet stimulates antibody production and immunizes the body against disease.
Ultra-violet has a stimulating action on the Sympathetic System. It, however, acts as a sedative to pain.
Ultra-violet is good for the heart and the lungs.

Diseases Treated with Ultra-Violet
Goiter, Gonorrhea, Heart, Lungs, Rickets, Syphilis, Ulcer and Wounds.

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