Spiritual Counselor offers sincere spiritual counseling that takes you right into the truth. Experience genuine spiritual healing and happiness. And many of you, whether you have come to know it or not, are seeking this same realization and self discovery.
For when you truly come to understand yourself, happiness in every area of life becomes yours.

When God/Creator gave us the gift of free will ... another gift came with it ... the power of creating.
And it is very important for you to understand this second gift because ...
you are creating your very own life experiences according to what is going on inside you.
This is why "change" begins with you.

The type of experiences you are having ... are happening so you can see something about yourself. You are calling specific situations to yourself - physically, mentally and emotionally. Whether it is in any of your relationships, lack of relationships, at your job, in your lack of a job, within yourself, outside yourself, everywhere and in every way - you are creating your life situations into existence. The spiritual counseling and spiritual guidance you will receive from Counselor of the Heart will not only show you how to understand your life and make unbelievable changes within yourself and your life experience ... it will help you find and feel your sacredness.

"What is most important is that you become aware of this." This is awakening. Enlightenment is realizing that conscious self awareness is the key to bring about the changes you desire. You can search the world for your answers but until you truly understand yourself ... the happiness, self-love, inner wisdom, peace and enlightenment you seek will most likely evade you. Experience a powerful personal spiritual awakening. Connecting your deepest knowing with your true feelings and know for yourself how to make better choices for you.

Spiritual counseling is such a great experience for everyone involved. No single person's spiritual walk is the same. Coming to live from a spiritual center is like going on an adventure into a somewhat known, somewhat unknown labyrinth. Our professional counseling team's job is to guide you through the labyrinth to discover unknown strengths and to help you build existing ones to their best.

Our spiritual counseling center specialists form a partnership with you. We bring tools that will help you get over whatever personal dilemmas you are currently facing. You're already here, so we believe that you know there is a spiritual solution to the dilemma your seeking resolution for. One unique talent we bring lies in a couple of tools to help you discern what your spiritual style is.
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