Dear Navedji,

It was indeed a great pleasure to have met you the other day; a divine encounter! 

You are actually successful in infusing lot of good knowledge into my grey matters of brain. Although I had some specific concerns and worries for which I had invited you, but the way you infused the knowledge transcendental, am actually forgetting the specificity of my worries. How wonderful it would be for a person going through life's worst miseries to get healed (or at least feeling better towards recovery) without recourse to any medicine. I feel I could have a few more spiritual sessions.

Not only the problem points and addressal mechanisms that you shared were convincing, but the discussions we had on the science of spiritualism were quite stimulating. Also, thankful for the amount of time you gave towards my concerns, addedly, towards my guests as well. The session was exceptionally impressive.

Its not that I have travelled this path of spiritualism for the first time. But somehow, I am amazed with the kind of energy you brought in; feel powerfully connected. 

I have been trying to absorb and internalize various thoughts that you shared during the session. I've since started to let go of some of the ideas that I had previously internalized. It feels amazing.

I admitted the same day; let me repeat it now as well, my spiritual master is the mercy representative of the Lord. I wish to extend my deepest gratitude to you for helping me inculcate self-confidence, positive thinking and other affirmations. 

Also, thank you for the excellent positive messages and alerts which not only helps uplift my mind but makes it positively charged and thereby neutralise my environment. (Am writing this mail after a whole day's frustrating activities, dealing with police, dealing with some raw bitter truths of life..but I actually feel calm at this point and mean each of my words scribed in this message.)

Look forward to becoming a part of many more sessions, preachings and blessings. Meanwhile, I have referred to my brother  (Ranjan Reddy; M: 9811273669) in Kendriya Vihar in Noida, who may contact you shortly. He is a techie, works for CSC and lives with his wife. Life is smooth but still posing challenges. I am sure you can show them the path.

Also, me and Rohilla, the other person who joined me in the session, are trying to organise similar sessions in our residential society, for different target groups, which could be either consultative or thematic discourses for limited members. If such activities also mark your calendar, pls do let us know, following which we will facilitate this or would connect you to the authorities.

Best regards,

Dear Aunty,

On Aug 20, I met uncle Naved with the recommendation of my friend Mehek.
It was a very enriching experience. I met him at a point in life when I needed him the most.
I was feeling very negative about anything happening in life but after meeting him everything happening in my life seems positive.
He has helped me to connect with God again and helped me in believing the fact of life that when you want something you will get it but there is a right time for it and advising me  the right time too.

With his strong belief in God and connection with God , I am able to awake the spiritual side of me.
He has helped me to believe that I am a special child of God and I am here to serve mankind .Hence helping me become a better person.

Thanks !

My session with Naved was an enlightening & empowering experience that shifted my perception to a great extent. His disarming way of explaining things in a logical manner, his spiritual wisdom in making one see beyond & his gentleness in dealing with one's deepest pain & dilemma is what makes Naved stand out apart. His ability to simplify things, even the most complicated ones and make them  look no longer daunting or difficult to overcome seems to be his biggest strength. He is indeed gifted with a rare power & I pray that he is able to touch millions and millions of lives and reach out to souls in distress.

Best Regards,

Hi Dear,

Here you go :) I know its to long but I just couldn't stop!!

What a amazing modern educated saint he is..... !!!
My dad who was a chain smoker since 1970 smoking around 30-40 Cigarettes a day. Mr.Naved predicted that within the same year he will give up smoking by his own. Entire family took it as the biggest joke of the year. Without any reason it happened within a day!! A chain smoker since 1970 quit smoking in 2013!! The biggest joke turned out to be the biggest surprise for the entire family. That's how our family's belief in him became so strong!
Besides Dad's case, I had been down with high grade fever for over a year now. Besides being treated by the best doctors in India, I had been on treatment for both tuberculosis and sarcoidosis. In the end, doctors concluded that it is nothing but a "Medical Mystery".
When I was really weak and down with about 104 Degrees Fever for over a month, doctors asked me to get hospitalized. The day I was about to get hospitalized , I met him. It was unbelievable that I never had any energy to even sit for 15 minutes at a stretch and there I was sitting with him for about 3 hours non-stop --- listening, talking and writing , all with a smile!
I don't know how to express this. Its all unbelievable and magical, but its true! He said mystic is the disease and mystic is the remedy. I have left it to God now. I don't know when I will be perfectly fit and fine but all I know is that I have strength to fight it out  with all the positivity and strength that is required by thanking God for everything- Be it even pain for that matter!
I believe in what he repeats and I wish that everyone around must follow this in order to make world a better place to live " Untill we meet , just increase the dose of love, joy and compassion by forgiving and forget the negatives of your environment! No criticism at all, just appreciate your surroundings and continue to praise the Lord with gratitude!"

I met him first on the golf course in a tournament. I avoid tournaments , always, but some thing dragged me to the golf course. I saw someone in full white, red trim on his shirt, curly brown ponytail, broad rimmed hat, and  I asked the caddy" is that dude my partner?" I hoped he would say yes!
Navid was my partner. There was no looking back!

Naved travels on the road of his intent.
Every intention is genuine, to help and put you on the right track. Everyone has problems but it's about how you resolve them and he's there to guide you I have argued with him big time and he understood why. He Calmed me down and talked to me. You can choose to listen or not. There's no magic here no voodoo.No offerings to be made to any God but just a humble approach to whatever befalls you, good bad or indifferent, to have faith and believe. He's made me understand that.

"Let not your hopes fly without a destination For life is full of hope and imaginings,
To make you aspire beyond your dreams Not cloud your vision with darkness .
For  the sun shall rise and set each day, To set our paths  ablaze and show us the way ,
Towards a new horizon and a new day”.

+91 9810082613

Jai Rram Ji Ki Guruji.

I am very thankfull to you for knowledge and spiritual power with
which you filled my soul.After a session with you ,my all doubts are
solved and now i am feeling very much energetic and full of joy. i
have come to know real meaning and goal of my life.now i am feeling
free from all the pressure and boundries..i will be lucky if i get
more chances of your dharshan .


S/O: Shri Jabar Singh

Naved has been a real positive force in my life. Through his methods and counselling, I have been able to handle very difficult situations and connect with God. He is a pure, spiritual being whose purpose on this planet it seems, is to encounter people in the midst of an impossible situation, and empower them to take charge of their lives. Remain positive and keep listening to Naved, is all I have to say.

Dear Bhaiya,

Om Sai Ram & Greetings of the day.

I wish to express my gratitude for all the guidance & support extended by you to ease out my pressures during one of my testing phase. I must admit with utmost sincerity that overall this was the most enriching, fulfilling & holistic experience. As a very good human being you have imparted the essential knowledge and divulge all the crucial intricacies to me when i needed it the most therefore, i owe it to you but how can i repay back for the effort, compassion & affection you have lent to me so i sincerely felt the urge to record my version of expression for sharing & witnessing the transmigration of energy from one channel to another source. This was  very intriguing process so far though i despite being the mentor to many too at times fall prey to many distractions and deviations myself & needed a vent to heal myself too through a right channel. So i took a refuge from the most destined medium at that point of time came so effortlessly that its inexpressible for me to mention in few words instead i would seek blessings from the God that i should be able to continue helping others too when they knock/rely on me during their dire needs/tough times. I don't regret accepting that i too need help as we all know a Doc can't write his own prescription & times can't cure himself he too needs help infact we all need help and we are being helped all times sometimes it gets checked by us & sometimes it tends to get ignored b'coz we are too busy to get our word done so we overlook or simply fail to acknowledge the help & support granted thru others in order to finish our jobs. U know even though i can go for hours tirelessly mentioning my experience with you but i would rather follow & restrict my emotional route to an halt & express again that you have been a great help & source of strength to me when i asked for. so i Thank you for being there. 

God Bless you & you keep helping others as always in the process of completing your own journey too. It was great discovering that Angels do exist so i feel immensely blessed & privileged for receiving such blissful blessings in the form of your guidance.

sincere expression of gratitude from an ardent admirer of urs...

Stay Blessed !!!

Warm Regards,

Dear Naved Guruji,

Pranam !  OM SAI RAM

I know you from a long time and your connectivity with Baba.  But as it is rigthly said you never get  anything before time . Whatever you get good or bad and what time ;is decided by the Almighty . Now is the time for me I have been suffering from a very long time but was not getting the way for reducing or finishing this peroid of suffering then last Thursday Baba showed me a path and then I was able to meet you. Believe me I never knew myself so well as I have known right from last Thursday by you showing me positive path and light. Knowledge imparted by you has changed my viewpoint towards life. I always us to be depressed and always had low energy cribbing every moment but slowly I have found a drastic change in myself and towards the perception of life. I have started looking every aspect of life in a positive way .

Thanks for being a Guru for me and showing me the right path I am sure If I follow your path I will able to handle my life , my pain and sufferings in no time with all the  positivity.

best regds
Hi Naved,

You were a great support when I was going through rough phase of my life. I thank God for blessing me with you as being part of my life. You are just a call away when I am in need. You are a kind soul who did not charge a single penny when I was in trouble, just kept answering my calls and texts. Everything, unconditionally. And we expect unconditional efforts from our near ones (especially parents). You have been a friend, philosopher, and guide to me. We have known each other for 5 years and have met only twice. However, it seems we have known each other for ages. This is because you connect with people very well.

I would like to thank you for enlightening me and showing me the right path when I got lost in challenges of life. Thanks for giving your "hand" and guiding through. You are proud to your parents. Take care and keep enlightening people who are in need self-lessly...

Best Regards,


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